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World's First Expanded Reality High Fidelity Metaverse

Digital Twin Your World

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Expanded Reality + Web4D™

Holoforia™ is an immersive Web4D, as well as a downloadable experience that is built to bring NFT projects alive in a 3D space where you can host games, music mashups, meetups, virtual stores, cinematic events, and stream live content with real-time technology.

Road Map

.01  FOUNDING PHASE /Q2.2017 

Holoforia™ was founded in 2017 as a high end streetwear brand dedicated to climate activist graffiti art. This three year investment into clothing and creating digital images for the brand, in addition to a need to help find a way to mobilize people on one unified platform who care about making positive change in the world led us directly toward the world of NFTs as a way to capture our digital designs we had created for the products we designed and invented. Holoforia™ evolved from streetwear into a place for digital twinning our clothing, needing a virtual store, to realizing we could create an entire world around digital twinning as Expanded Reality™.

.02  WEB4D INVENTION /Q1.2020

Holoforia™ was founded initially as Web4D experience where we paint our world the way we want them to look at create tools so that we all may leave behind 2D searching and search for things and experiences we love inside a high-fidelity world that is tied to real-world GIS locations. Instead of searching a parcel, you simply use a real world address and claim that space. In 2020, we committed ourselves to developing the most immersive, hyper realistic 3D experience we could imagine and got to work building the infrastructure. It had to be free from profit driven investors and fun.


Holoforia™ is built on two innovations native to our company.  The first is Web4Dwhich is an effort to capture and store in-space streams into experiences that are then stored in the virtual locations they existed in and Expanded Realitywhich is a way to enhance your current life and relationships, versus disconnecting from it. We aim to build a metaverse that takes you places in real life you can't otherwise get to and going there with the people you love of all ages. We are a family friendly platform that aims to be an experience all ages can enjoy together, aimed at helping others along the way. Education, wellness, healing, concerts, comedy, fun.

.04 DROP AND LAUNCH /Q4.2021

Holoforia™ will officially launch as a metaverse company on Dec. 1st, 2021. Our first event we are gearing up for is our long awaited Holoforia Character Drop. This will be a drop of 9,999 unique characters that will be native to our metaverse and also appear on our hoodies. This drop is scheduled for the middle of December. We currently have a waitlist of custom large-scale NFT projects in line to build custom versions of their HoloBiomes. These projects are being built on a first come, first serve basis. Discord DM us to view a pricing and to get on the waitlist already booking into Q1.2022


In order to run a successful decentralized society, we are looking for true believers out there who would like to build the metaverse into a brighter version of what we currently live in. If you believe we should live in a more decentralized world, then #DUGD is the place for you. #DUGD stands for Decentralized Unified Global Democracy. If you would like to volunteer to help Holoforia grow and become a HoloCrew Member, we need you! Everyone has something to offer, has something special. If being a part of the Government that writes the Constitution or Bill of Rights is your jam, we need you, too!

Join our Discord below and find like minded friends.  Find your HoloCrew Team and let's get building a brighter future together!

.06 Metaverse Roll-Out

Holoforia™ will first focus on the Generative Drop through the end of this quarter. Beginning in January, sales open for land leasing. We are already taking waitlist subscribers for custom build outs. The platform will roll out slowly over a six month period of next year, beginning with private tests in March. Before that, it will be available for private build session and some smaller VIP group tours. We plan to be very transparent about our opening process. We plan to test every user for safetly, speed and impact on a one by one basis. We are in this for the long-haul, a few months on a 40 year timeline doesn't weigh greater than making sure our community members are safe, happy and well-fed on metafood. 

What is a High Fidelity Metaverse?

A Revolutionary Journey

The metaverse (also known as 💫Holoverse💫) provides users with access to information not available to them in their current reality. Creatives and entrepreneurs with similar skill sets can work together more effectively this way.

While Holoforia is a metaverse, we think of ourselves as a multiverse that introduces the idea of Expanded Reality (ER). In essence, we want to enhance your current capability to connect and interact in 3D environments on a regular basis, just like you would with them in your daily life. ER is the term we have coined to describe that goal.


With this powerful tool we can use to increase social engagement and to help create a Decentralized Unified Global Democracy. #DUGD


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